Thanksgiving Hunt

I got into hunting toward the end of my post secondary education by a classmate of mine named Jason. He invited me to go out grouse hunting. I remember that we got three birds and after that, I immediately got my possession acquisition license and started going out on my own. I was hooked. Last... Continue Reading →


I mostly read the news but I have picked up a book once in awhile. Here are some that I have enjoyed. Let me know if you've read them! Give me some suggestions as well! Gabor Maté – In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts/ TED Talk re: Addiction When I worked in mental health, I... Continue Reading →

I’m Going to be a Dad!

I recently had the fortune of finding out that my girlfriend Mireille is with child. We had found out early April when I was woken up at six in the morning because I thought Mim was in crisis. Suffice to say I cleared the morning cobwebs, avoided the snooze button, got her to buy a... Continue Reading →

New York, New York

I am going to write about my trip to New York. Many people travel to The Big Apple and I figured maybe someone would read this and use it to plan some sight-seeing, and revise their budget. Mireille and I decided to take a trip to New York City in March of 2016. New York... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Competing

I had a conversation with my friend Sam about why I chose to participate in a recent kickboxing demonstration at my gym, Total Martial Arts Center. I was setting down my gear bag in the locker room where I confided that I was extremely nervous about stepping in the ring again, so he simply asked... Continue Reading →

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