High-Profile Suicides: A Commentary

Across all demographics, suicide has left irreparable holes, a sudden void in families that leave memories, hindsight, and a longing for their return. The passing of celebrities due to suicide highlight that mental health issues know no race, creed, or social status. While acknowledging those that lack certain determinants of health (such as income, education,... Continue Reading →

Better Performance Through Chess

Hey everyone! I haven't written anything in awhile so here is a short piece on one of my favorite passtimes. I was first introduced to Chess in elementary school. My friend Andrew and I would play often enough in between bouts of Super Smash Brothers and before that, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. There wasn't much... Continue Reading →

Well, I’m a dad.

I previously wrote about how Mim and I were expecting our first child. On the 2nd of January, bright and early, Mim was scheduled to have her cervix dilated to give birth. This is done though a device called Cervidil which produces a medication that softens and dilates the cervix with the objective of inducing... Continue Reading →

Paying Down Debt

Let's preface this: I have no background in money management or economics. This is purely my own experience when it comes to debt. Everyone's finances are unique so some of this won't be applicable. As the Title Page suggests, this website is about life lessons. I have had my fair share of such, one of... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Hunt

I got into hunting toward the end of my post secondary education by a classmate of mine named Jason. He invited me to go out grouse hunting. I remember that we got three birds and after that, I immediately got my possession acquisition license and started going out on my own. I was hooked. Last... Continue Reading →


I mostly read the news but I have picked up a book once in awhile. Here are some that I have enjoyed. Let me know if you've read them! Give me some suggestions as well! Gabor Maté – In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts/ TED Talk re: Addiction When I worked in mental health, I... Continue Reading →

I’m Going to be a Dad!

I recently had the fortune of finding out that my girlfriend Mireille is with child. We had found out early April when I was woken up at six in the morning because I thought Mim was in crisis. Suffice to say I cleared the morning cobwebs, avoided the snooze button, got her to buy a... Continue Reading →

New York, New York

I am going to write about my trip to New York. Many people travel to The Big Apple and I figured maybe someone would read this and use it to plan some sight-seeing, and revise their budget. Mireille and I decided to take a trip to New York City in March of 2016. New York... Continue Reading →

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