Inaugural Post

I used the stock image above because WordPress left me lost in space in navigating and using this damn interface.

I had always dabbled with the idea of writing in a journal. I find they help trigger good memories that have been stored into an area where they aren’t readily accessible. I normally wrote to something or someone that would never read it. I like the idea of bouncing ideas and my own experiences off of people to see if they had a different outlook, a difference experience, or a similar experience.

These posts will typically be about travel and places I have gone to both near and far. Maybe the odd experience or discussion I had with someone. Hopefully I will also include life lessons this late 20s person experienced so others can either learn, relate, or better yet, discuss it.

If you do read anything here, thanks, you’re time really means much and I am honoured that you took time out of your day to read it. If you read just the ads and click somewhere else, on behalf of WordPress, thanks.

All the best,


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