I’m Going to be a Dad!

I recently had the fortune of finding out that my girlfriend Mireille is with child. We had found out early April when I was woken up at six in the morning because I thought Mim was in crisis. Suffice to say I cleared the morning cobwebs, avoided the snooze button, got her to buy a more expensive pregnancy test, and when that was positive, contacted my mom and dad.  I tend to be pretty stoic when it comes to big events. I often fail to grasp the gravity of the situation until something happens that truly makes it real. I don’t even think I fully grasp it, even after just exiting the first trimester.

We had experienced the routine things a couple typically goes through, mainly trying not to tell too many people at once, at least until the time was right. We still informed a fair amount, at least I did, basically to seek advice from those that had been in similar situations already, especially for the first few weeks.

Then we experienced some complications.

In early June, I was contacted around midnight by Mim while she was at work. She was bleeding heavily and was on her way to the Emergency Room. Through fighting the melatonin induced haze, I was relieved to see Mim appeared healthy. Through some diagnostics we had found out that Mim had a likely subchorionic bleed, a sort of blood bubble that increases the risk of separation between the placenta and the uterus, thus increasing the risk of miscarriage. Fortunately, we saw some cardiac activity as well. This was confirmed when we returned that morning for a more thorough ultrasound when we found out that the uterus is possibly bicornuate, misshapen in a manner that also increases risk. Until we see an obstetrician, we’ll have a better picture but things are encouraging going forward. Shout out to Timmins and District as well, the entire team was great. I’d also like to thank her colleagues who brought us some pizza that was ordered just before all this happened.

When I heard the heartbeat through the Doppler, things got real. I am pretty excited and at this point all I want is a healthy baby; boy, girl, whatever.  We had another ultrasound and I was allowed to view this one. Boy oh boy (pun intended). The gender couldn’t be determined at that time. When you see it scratching its head and moving around, it certainly gets the blood flowing, the heart beating (albeit not as fast as the baby’s 154 beats per minute), and generates a weird anticipation that until this point, I was unfamiliar with. An excitement of sorts that transcends anything I have previously looked forward to experiencing.Ultrasound

Mim was on bed-rest. As the partner in the creation of my new little buddy, I have to run a couple of extra errands because of this. At times, I must acquire the occasional snack sized Oreo McFlurry, maybe a frosty instead, Starburst candy, and some other stuff. Sometimes I buy something to find out that it now gives her nausea. Saying no is no longer permitted either. I am in the middle of developing a pregnancy cravings kit; an ever-growing list of odd food combinations that must be accessible when Mim declares that “the baby wants it”. Moreover, I am now a massage therapist with a specialty in assisting with Charlie-horses.


So far, our child will be joining the following: jiu-jitsu, judo, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, tennis, and music lessons; but most importantly, our child will likely be joining us in January, just a couple days after Mim’s birthday and just a couple of days before mine. At this point we have to simply wait and by wait, I mean constantly worry. I doubt this would be no different if nothing alarming occurred either.

Since the above writing occurred, Mim saw the obstetrician who confirmed that Mim does indeed have a bicornuate uterus although the severity of it is minor. The subchorionic bleed remains small which is also encouraging. Mim immediately decided to make it Facebook official. We did not make any grand announcement because we had no idea what we were dealing with in terms of viability. She also gets to go back to work which is great, too. She also has a baby bump!

We’ll be hosting a gender reveal party when our anatomy scan is completed in a few weeks. Mim wants to find out the gender as she dislikes gender neutral clothing. I am electing to find out at the gender reveal party rather than immediately during the ultrasound.

Overall, it’s been quite the journey and we aren’t halfway through the pregnancy but we are all very excited now, almost as much as our own parents.


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